India InsureTech Market, Business Models, and Opportunities

Conversation with Arun Balakrishnan, Co-founder Xceedance

In this edition of FutureView we have a conversation with Arun Balakrishnan, Co-founder and CEO of Xceedance, a global products and services provider to the Insurance industry. Arun was previously CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Insurance India. He has an intimate understanding of how insurance businesses operate, deep knowledge of the different functional areas within insurer organizations, as well as hands-on experience with business strategy and planning.

InsureTech with Arun Balakrishnan

Conversation time stamps for ease of navigation:

0:12 - Arun’s background - journey from a start-up, to CEO of Berkshire Insurance India, to Xceedance

6:55 - Global Insurance trends and what’s driving investor interest in Insuretech

14:05 - Evolution of India Insuretech

17:30 - Direct-to-consumer versus Channel strategy

20:06 - The Math challenge: Direct-to-consumer LTV/CAC

22.16 - Insuretech product innovation areas in India

32:04 - Global opportunities and challenges for Indian Insuretech start-ups

39.13 - The one key requirement to build a successful Insuretech company

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