Future View

Conversations with Industry experts on trends and technologies changing the world

Future View is a series of conversations with thought leaders in various sectors. We hope to get the pulse of key trends and technologies reshaping various industries. The end goal is to provide added context and inputs to start-ups and founders in their journey to building industry redefining businesses.

Our first guest is Dr. Jeremy Lim, CEO and Co-founder of AMiLi. Jeremy has an amazing perspective on the healthcare space as a doctor, a management consultant to hospitals, influencer in public health policy, and as an active investors in start-ups. Jeremy is a consultant to WHO and World Bank. He previously set up the healthcare practice for Oliver Wyman Asia. He is also the author of “Myth or Magic: The Singapore Healthcare System”.

The key areas of discussion are listed below along with time stamps:

Healthcare challenges in Asia versus the West: 4:06

Framework for innovation: 17:48

New business models: 21:13

Move fast but DON’T break things: 29:48

What to look for in a healthcare start-up: 33:00

Examples of disruptive innovation: 37:02

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